metal cutting circular saw-UPDATE

Thanks to all who contributed. I just bought a Skil 77 saw at a pawnshop and
have the Tenryu blade on order. One more (easy) question. What lubricant do I
put in the saws gearbox? (Couldn't find a manual on-line).
Thanks again.
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Roger Hull
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I'm pretty sure its lithium grease
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There is a special grease for worm drive saws called Hypoid grease. Any decent industrial supplier should have it.
I have found it at power tool repair shops too.
Basically it is a tenacious grease that will cling to the worm gear.
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Ernie Leimkuhler
Sure smells like 90 weight gear oil to me.
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pawnshop and
lubricant do I
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I use 80-90 wt hypoid gear oil, cheap from wally World. Looks,feels and smells like the original stuff.
Jim Kovar Vulcan, Mi
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Jim Kovar
I was looking for the same information some time ago and found an online reference that said the Skil lubricant is equivalent to the Mobil 600 series gear lubes. This makes sense since this what is spec'd by Boston Gear for their worm reducers. Unfortunately I don't recall which viscosity to use in the Skil. Boston Gear uses Mobil 634, which is much thicker than SAE90 gear oil--more like SAE140 gear lube.
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I'm quite sure I did find a Skil 77 manual online.
Ned Simmons
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Ned Simmons
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Bob Engelhardt
Hey Roger,
Lubriplate works good.
Take care.
Brian Lawson, Bothwell, Ontario. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
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Brian Lawson
The tool repair house I bought replacement parts for my 77 told me their manual specs standard gear oil, iirc it was 80 or 90 weight. I put Coastal 80w 90 in mine.
Heavy as a cinder block but much quieter running than any direct drive saw I've heard.
With the saw flat and upright (blade perpendicular to the ground, body parallel to ground) fill the gearbox until it runs out the fill hole and it now has the proper amount of oil.
Do not, as another poster suggests, put lithium grease in it. I used lithium grease in my lathe compound several years ago and it has turned into a sort of concrete. The oil leached out leaving a really tough/hard deposit of whatever else is in lithium grease. Maybe it reacted with the cutting fluid...
Statics Jason
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Skil sells tubes of the right stuff. Unless there's a leak, you shouldn't have to do it again for a loooong while. I bought mine from the local Skil service center. It's not a grease, it's something similar to hypoid lube. If you can locate a local service center, it might be worth having them check the beast out. They do develop shorts in the motor and the brushes and commutator wear.
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Stan Schaefer

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