Metal quote is this reasonable?

Got a quote from a company is this going price for this stuff. Quote from a
CA company.
Part_num:SQT25012|01 Qty:4 Precision:.125"
Steel Tube, 2.5"sq x .120 x 20' (4 pcs) - $33.80 e/a =
$135.20 Remark:
Part_num:18R7000|01 Qty:1 cut_size_length:12 Precision:.125"
CR Bar, 7"dia x 12" (1 pc) = $207.85 Remark:
Part_num:HRP375408|01 Qty:1 cut_size_wxl:36x24 Precision:.125"
HR Plate .375 x 36" x 24" (1 pc) = $51.40 Remark:
Part_num:18SH1136|01 Qty:2 cut_size_wxl:x Precision:.125"
CR Sheet, 11ga x 36" x 120" (2 sheets) - $63.00 e/a =
$126.00 Remark:
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The going rate for steel in the Denver area is about 30 cents per pound in full sheets and full-length bars. Figure 1/4" plate at 10 pounds per square foot. I pay about $30 for a 48" x 96" sheet of 11 ga. Find a metal fab shop and see if they'll do you better. You can buy cheaper if you have a registered business name and a sales tax license for resale. I buy fabricated parts used in my manufacturing business (small quantities, about 300-600 pounds per order), and they charge me close to 30 cents per pound plus machine/shop time at $60 per hour for NC punch work, shearing, and other shop work.
Matthew wrote:
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Clarke Echols
The prices look close to what I'd expect to pay as a casual customer at a local yard.
Sounds like you're getting hit with a hefty cutting charge on the 7" dia. If the exact dimensions are not critical, you might save some money by looking for a drop that will work for you.
Ned Simmons
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Ned Simmons

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