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How To Tell You Have a Microsoft Gun ============================= 1. Every 10 rounds or so, there's a blue flash and the gun won't work until you press the magazine catch and wait 10 minutes. 2. It won't work with anybody else's ammunition. 3. Every 3 years you have to upgrade the receiver. 4. Bullets tend to fly a random distance, then just hang in midair. 5. High school kids keep hacking into your gun. 6. When needed most, your gun has a virus and won't fire.

  1. Yes, when you squeeze the trigger you get a pop up asking if you are sure you want to complete this action. Pull trigger for yes.
  2. When changing magazines, you have to enter the 16 digit alpha and numeric product identifi- cation code. Which is case sensetive.
  3. Gun checks every day, back to the manufacturer, to be sure you are using authentic Microsoft (R) magazines.
  4. Other brands of bullets such as Speer, Hornady, etc. download "bulletware" into your magazine, which go off at unscheduled moments.
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