Microwave Outrage

Amen! Ed Helpless isnt smart enough to be paranoid like you and me. Let the leftists scoff but our paranoia is what will save us in interesting times. Real men know that theres a time to be the dog, and a time to be the fraidy cat. This is the latter time. Got enough ramen and ammo stashed?

Btw, does anybody have a cubit ruler? I want to measure my boat.


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Gunner Asch
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I'm the opposite of paranoid. You right-wingers think everyone in government is out to get you. I have spent many days in Washington with agency people, researching trade and manufacturing policy, and I know they're decent people who care about truth and about what they do. So are the medical insurance people I dealt with when I was a medical editor. And so on.

You paranoids on the right think that the fact that our government has the capability to surveil with electronic devices means that they are spying on you. Here's the fact, Jim: They don't give a flying f*ck about what you do or say. They have those capabilities because the people who would like to tear the US down also have those capabilities. They build a better fighter plane, and we build a better fighter plane. They create cyber warfare devices, and we create cyber warfare devices.

But they don't care about spying on you. You say, "The way you libs sneer at allegations of espionage only reveals your utter ignorance of it."

Putting aside that fact that only a really twisted person would consider me to be a "lib," the fact that you think our government is engaging in espionage against you, and that I don't, tells us only that you have a very paranoid outlook. I don't.

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Jim Wilkins

No rant. I'm just responding to your accusations. First you tell me that as a "lib," I "sneer at allegations of espionage." Then you reverse yourself and say I'm paranoid.

I've come to recognize that this is the way your arguments tend to go -- accuse from one side, and then, when that becomes untenable, accuse from the other.

Is that Mensa logic?

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Here I thought it had died and you were seeking repair advice....

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David Lesher

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