Milwaukee area heads up

Got a call from a fellow today, has a bunch of machines for sale. Didn't look over all of them yet, going out tomorrow but, just from memory,

Van Norman mill, #12, IIRC. Didn't look or feel bad.

12 X 36 Jet lathe, bed didn't show any wear, but gear train cover broken or missing. Amiguous mill/drill, looked well kept, didn't see any peck marks in the bed. Drillpress, two spindle, but small, maybe 16 inch, probably 14, should go cheap and it's not so heavy that it couldn't be handled easily with proper equipment. Larger drill press, looked to be 18 inch, large coolant table on it, Taiwan. Horizontal band saw, looks like a Dayton, probably taiwan. Horizontal/vertical bandsaw, common variety but no brand on it. Cutter grinder, Cincinati, not original spindle, hacked to use a bench grinder. Accessories for Van Norman mill, I saw two vises, one at least 6 inch, the other probably four, didn't see any brand, but didn't look either. Couple of stick welders, torches and tanks, lots of drill bits, taps and dies, couple of home built hydraulic presses. Bunch of other stuff I haven't looked at yet to see what it is.

But you can't have the Monarch, I already bought it. (14 X 30?)

Most of it hasn't been run in ten years, has the normal amount of dirt and dried on oils, but it's inside, not rusted.

An email will get you his phone number. That's my only function here.

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Could you send me the #, please?

David in Germantown.

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