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Well, the seller who sent me the trav a dial with chips in it offered
me a refund. I refused since I had already taken it apart and repaired
it. So the seller left me a bad feedback. Not a neutral. He called me
a 'BAD BUYER". I told the seller I had repaired the item and gave him
permission to say I had refused the refund. Interesting though, the
seller left a negative, not a neutral and never mentioned I had
repaired the item. I don't mind someone telling the truth. And I
really don't mind the negative. But it sure seems petty. The whole
thing. Kinda makes me not want to participate in the whole feedback
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Eric R Snow
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Does it still allow you to leave a comment? When someone posted negative about me, I was able to post the comment "I paid at auction close, item mailed 30 days later". Which appears right below his little rant.
Joel. phx
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Joel Corwith
Yes. I replied that he offered a refund and I refused it because I'd repaired the item.
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Eric R Snow

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