tell me about Shenwai engine lathe

Anyone have any experience or heard about a Shenwai engine lather? No model number or anything else available at this time. Thanks for any info.

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El Cazador
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I believe that these are industrial lathes made in Asia. Like any used machine tool, it could be in excellent condition or it could be completely worn out. But I think it's possibly a decent machine.

Consider the question, "HOW MUCH IS A FORD F-150 WORTH?"

You instantly realize that without knowing a whole lot about it - how old it is, how worn out it is, if it's ever been crashed, if it has all its parts - you couldn't even give an approximate answer, and the only meaningful answer (somewhere between $25 and $35,000) isn't much help to anyone.


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Grant Erwin

And undoubtedly imported under other names in various countries. Never heard of the make, myself.

At least with a Ford you know what corporation is responsible for the final item. Got a handy local Shenwai dealer?


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