FS-Engine Lathe- So. Cal.

Engine lathe for sale.
Ameri Tech Gap
10 x 40 approx between centers
3.15 approx spindle bore
16 speeds 25 to 1800 rpm,s approx
100+ feeds .0004 to 0.0926 per rev.
#4 morse taper 2 speed tailstock
good shape.
call Kenny for more details.
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According to Gunner :
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Hmm ... what makes a tailstock 2-speed? Is it powered, or is there some mechanism so it moves a greater distance per turn of the wheel until it sees a load, and then drops to a higher mechanical advantage?
Enjoy, DoN.
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DoN. Nichols
They are usually geared down, Most of the Lodge & Shipley lathes had a two speed tailstock, a real arm saver when trying to punch a 3" drill through a chunk of 4140 :-) I think the L&S I used was 5 to 1 ratio. Normal was .250 a turn and slow was .050 per turn. With the smaller drills or in aluminum it was almost like freewheeling through it in low range :-) But at .050 a turn it took a lot of turns to go through 8 inches of metal.
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James P Crombie
I have a Leblond and an Axelson that have two speed tailstocks. On the axelson you pull up a pin and pull the hand wheel out. On the Leblond you pull a sleeve out that is located on the hand wheel. I have never looked at what the ratio was but like James says, it sure is a lot easier drilling with large drills.
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