Most machinable plastic?

--A pal wants to make a part out of a transparent plastic. It's
going to need a bunch of shallow 1" holes bored into it, plus a pile of
threaded holes. Looking for recommendations for plastic least likely to
chip. Lexan?
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Does it really have to be transparent? Delrin and nylons are way more machineable than polycarbonate but swelling may be an issue.
But yes, if you want something transparent, polycarbonate/Lexan is the way to go.
Polystyrene and PVC are available at least semi-transluscent too, and are not going to chip like acrylic.
I have tapped both acrylic and polycarbonate but would not trust the strength of the threads for much strength in either.
With either polycarbonate or acrylic, it is perfectly possible to get your cutter embedded in gooey molten plastic if you aren't careful. Delrin or Nylon will be way more forgiving with respect to cutting speeds.
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Tim Shoppa

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