Mother of all Search Engines

I've played with it a bit and really like the lower noise to signal ratio... Way mo betta than Google!

the Mother of all Search engines....

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cavelamb himself
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--Never heard of you so will give it a miss. For an interesting ride try the energy-saving website, heh.

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You can also try my "search without spammers" custom google search, which is a google search with 60+ most prolific web spammers removed (globalspec, china-ic, santaclaracomponents, bizrate etc). Really cuts down on junk when searching for part numbers and such.

It is at the bottom of

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There is also a link to integrate it with a web browser, so that "Search without spammers" is displayed in the search bar as a choice besides Google, MSN, amazon or whatever else you have configured.

You need to have javascript enabled to pick this up.

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That's good, Ed.. and I've been doing the same with black backgrounds on my PC monitors for years. There hasn't been any detrimental effect on CRT models, and I can't see any affect on the wide LCD units I've been using for about 10 months.

WB ......... metalworking projects

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