Machinery's Handbook in other languages

I'm trying to locate something along the lines of Machinery's Handbook in
languages other than english. In this case, spanish would be the main goal.
I've checked the website for the publisher of Machinery's Handbook and they
don't list it as being available in any other language, and although I have
found what look to be some decent technical translation dictionaries I haven't
seen anything that actually lists information about speeds, feeds, processes,
formulas, specs, etc. Has anyone seen such a beast?
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South Bend used to advertise that their books were available in Spanish and about a dozen other languages. I suppose there would have to be some out there.
How's your Spanish?
Start googleing for appropriate Spanish technical terminology, and see what shows up. Tried contacting the publishers of MH directly?
You may have to source from Mexico, or Spain.
Cheers Trevor Jones
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Trevor Jones

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