Mounting mailbox on a springy mount (like garage door spring)

The supposed benefit of the swing-arm is that it will withstand baseball bat attacks too.
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Mike Berger
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On Wed, 25 Jan 2006 16:19:13 GMT, with neither quill nor qualm, Ignoramus16163 quickly quoth:
Yeah, ain't that the dumbest thing you ever heard?
Like I keep saying, our legal system is downright BROKEN!
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Larry Jaques
Where I live, the state owns the mail box holders and boxes. The Feds in some way owns the boxes also.
When someone on the way back from the "over the line" booze stores - and runs over a set of boxes - someone has to call the state. With the correct amount of boxes otherwise only the number asked for is delivered and installed.
When ours went - neighbors said 2 - when it was 4 on the post. Two of us had to go out and buy matching boxes. I have the number posted and hope to get there first next time.
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Martin H. Eastburn
Gottcha beat. in the mid '60's, our local playground had a Douglas SBD dive bomber and a Grumman F6F Hellcat parked on it. Cut the Hell out of my hand in the cockpit of the F6F. Some time later, someone realized they were worth a few hundred thou, each, and they disappeared. JR Dweller in the cellar
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JR North
Thanks. I am a little doubtful that this "swings up when hit from the side" mounting thing would work as advertised, and would not actually lock up and break. Something for me to think about.
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I bought one of those heavy-duty steel mail boxes from the Sharper Image about 15 years ago and mounted it on a heavy steel post set deep and well in concrete. The ruffians did manage to break the thin plastic name holders a couple of times, but that soon stopped. I heard a couple of clangs and yells of anguish and then the attacks stopped. Best $100 bucks I ever spend.
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Boris Beizer
I do not know for a fact, but I believe that you are correct.
On the other hand, a snowplow did hit our mailbox (and broke it) a month ago, and our village was prompt about sending a crew and doing repairs on their own. All it took was one phone call.
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"But Your Honor, how could the city snow plow have "accidentally" hit my mailbox post under 3 feet of snow when there was a 10-foot piece of 2" plastic pipe attached to the mailbox post as a 'witness pole', and that said plastic pipe was painted International Orange with reflective tape strips and reflective address stickers?..."
"I propose that the plow hitting the mailbox was no accident, and the damage to the city plow was through the drivers' own deliberate action - and I have affidavits here from 12 neighbors that the plow driver has been witnessed numerous times detouring around all the fireplugs and power poles just fine, but their mailboxes get clipped off by the plow on a regular basis."
Case Dismissed. ;-)
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Bruce L. Bergman
Hello all:
We have just such a mailbox mount; the base is a very stiff spring about 2" dia and 6" long made with 3/8" wire. I don't recall where we sent off to purchase it, but it's a commercially-available item, not homemade..
I don't know how the thing works with slow traffic and baseball bats, but a fast vehicle knocked off the box and bent the (painted electrical conduit?) post about 45 degrees. But it's still up, albeit kinda wobbly....
This is about the fourth time someone's knocked it over in 4 years. No baseball bats yet; they just like to come around our corner faster than they should.
Regards -- Terry
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No, but they made mike graham pay to replace the shear bolts on the town's road grader they were using to plow snow.
Until it hit his 'special' mailbox.
I never really did understand why he ponied up for that.
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jim rozen

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