MSC shipping to Canada

I've read various reports of the problems when MSC (or someone
else) shps to Canada via UPS. UPS insists on being the customs broker,
resulting (sometimes) in brokerage fees greater than the cost of the
merchandise shipped.
Well ... I was making an order from MSC earlier this evening (I
live in the USA, so the problem is not one which affects me), and
towards the end, after she mentioned when it would be shipped and I
commented on how quickly things usually arrive, I brought up the problem
that our Canadian members have.
She said that they can request an alternate shipping method,
even though they have a contract with UPS, other methods are available.
She explicitly mentioned Federal Express, and I don't know what others
would be available -- but she said that anyone with the problem should
ask when they place their order. (This presumes a phoned-in order I
guess, since I doubt whether the web-based ordering would have that
option available.
I hope that this is a help to some here.
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DoN. Nichols
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Never have anything shipped from US to Canada by UPS! You have outlined the reasons. Fedex have been OK as has USPS. You still have to pay the taxes but not the extortionate "brokerage fee". I will not deal with any company who decline to ship any other way than UPS.
Michael Koblic, Campbell River, BC
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Michael Koblic
Oh be still my heart.
They pull the same ripoff as UPS, to Canada. Except they don't bother to either ask you to pay, or even notify you of it, when you pick up. Too many self brokered or refused shipments, I suppose.
My last (and I do mean last!) package that came via Fedex was a bit of a surprise, as I asked specifically, when picking it up, if there were any additional charges, and was told by the counter drone at the drop place, that there were no other bills due.
30 days later, the Fedex collections outfit printed up the bill. $6 in taxes, and over $50 in fees. The Post Office charges me a flat $5 to do the EXACT same thing that Fedex and UPS did, as far as collecting the Gov't cut is concerned.
I found out that there is currently a class action suit being brought to bear on both these outfits, over their billing practices. Never thought I'd be happy to hear about a Lawyer goin' to town on someone. YeHaaa!
Cheers Trevor Jones
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Trevor Jones
BTDT when UPS demanded C$35 "brokerage fee" on a manufacturer's sample labeled as having no commercial value. The item was refused at the door on arrival and left between the doors three weeks latter.
Gerry :-)} London, Canada
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Gerald Miller
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So -- ask whether they will ship via USPS. I didn't know that FedEx did the same thing.
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Enjoy, DoN.
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DoN. Nichols
Let me clarify on this issue. There is always custom duty on cross-border postages BUT for postages sent by state post (whatever it is) there is a threshold (not big but reasonable) when there is no duty and there is NO custom clearance process. All other 'courier' postal services do not have this benefit and all postages are going through custom process. There still be threshold but brokers do 'forget' to apply it very frequently. But no matter how low is custom fee then there is hefty brokerage fee!
So the only 'fee free' solution is (here in the US) to use USPS and EMS (EMS is state service even if this is private outfit). Any other services (UPS/FedEx/DHL, you name it) have the same problem with custom.
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