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I have been cruising through the latest MSC catalogue. It is very informative, in so much that it alerts the reader to currently available equipment, tools and supplies, but I am astonished at the advertised prices. Surely nobody pays those prices. Do they? Is there a better mail order house for more reasonable pricing? I live in Europe and have been for some years and continually need a source of inch tooling. Most of my supplies I have been acquiring through ebay, but often what I need is not available there. Is my price perception so outdated? Steve

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Steve Lusardi
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I use J&L as my main source for tooling purchase. The price list is about the same as MSC but they often give 10% or 15% off. Ocasionally 25% off.

Ebay has spoiled me- if you got time to shop most things go for 10% to 40% of new.


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Karl Townsend

I look first to ebay, then to Enco, then to MSC. Or sometimes to J&L, Travers Tool, or KBC Tools. I have been known to buy from MSC even at their prices, yes. But only very selectively and only when there wasn't much of an alternative.

I think you will find that when you compare stock catalog prices for exotic items (e.g. very fancy endmills) that MSC is competitive. They also carry a very large assortment of items and have legendary customer service, at least within the US.

I would be saddened would they go away.

Grant Erw> I have been cruising through the latest MSC catalogue. It is very

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Grant Erwin

The MSC Big Book is the go to place for people who *need it now*. Their stock is enormous, and their service is second to none. For the rest of us, we wait until they run a sale (often 40% to 60% off the Big Book price). Or we order from their low price division, ENCO. Or we catch a J&L Industrial or Travers Tool sale. Or we bottom feed at Harbor Freight.


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Gary Coffman

Hi Steve;

I buy more from ENCO than any other catalog but use MSC and J & L. J & L had a 25% off sale that ended 12/31/03 so I stocked up on needed tooling. Another thing to keep in mind, don't be bashful about asking for discounts when ordering over the phone. The place I work buys tons of stuff from MSC and gets big discounts as a standard way of purchasing. I get 10% off at J & L just for the asking. Jim

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Jim Glass

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