Need help ID-ing/obtainign this hand file

BOught it used, a while back @ flea market here @ Giants Stadium.
Use it quite extensively and like it a lot, but was never able
to buy/locate another one like this - McMaster or MSC.
The file is 4" long, .050 thick, .451 wide (probably .5 was the
goal). It says, by the root of the file:
SWISS 2 and below number 2 it has "star, cross, star" pattern.
Clearly it is Swiss pattern number 2, single cut pattern,
on all 4 sides.
It is rectangular all the way - does not taper off to a point.
No name of manufacturer on it, but right before "SWISS" it
has 2 letters that read like "AN", but I am not as letters
are worn off a bit.
Do you know where can I get me another one like this ? I have
20+ files, 90% Nicholson, American & Swiss patterns, that I work with
(making accordion reeds and reed plates, dies for a press etc), and
this one is really a godsend for some work. No other file I have,
including needle variety, cuts it (NPI :).
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formatting link
and look at bottom of page "equalling-special thickness"
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R. O'Brian
randy - thanks a lot !!! Looks like exactly what I am looking for ... with a side bonus of their location being just minutes from me house.
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