Need help identifying a Hobart Generator / Welder

I just posted 3 pictures of an old Hobart Generator Welder we have at
It is a diesel engine.
I would guess about 200 - 300 amps output.
It has been behind campus for 15 years.
We are finally going to get rid of it, but I need an identity for the
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And BTW does anybody know what colors the logo would have been painted.
It is just a faded brown and aluminum.
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Ernie Leimkuhler
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what are you going to do with welder?? why dont you see if it starts????
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I am going to send it to a salvage dealer to be sold on consignment for the school, so we can get stuff we need.
The generator has been abandoned for about 15 years. It actually belongs to the Heavy Diesel program, not the welding program, but we will see if we can get rid of it anyway.
With the state education budgets slashed for 4 years running, we can't get much money for equipment.
A local salvage operation in Seattle has made the offer to liquidate a long list of broken, old or useless equipment for us. We then will get store credit with them for anything we can use.
They get stuff to sell, we get stuff we can use, and no money changes hands. I am currently working my way through the paperwork to make this happen. It requires photos and info about each piece of equipment. All this info will be sent to the guy in change of state inventory to make sure it is all accounted for. Once we have approval, we can liquidate the items. Lots of checks and balances to make sure nothing just "dissappears" from campus. If we just took the expedient path and sent the stuff to the state salvage operation to liquidate, then they would sell it, but we wouldn't get a cent of it.
This way we get to go shopping with a big credit line at a major industrial supplier.
It is all legal and has been done in the past, but it hasn't been done for several years so my dean is nervous and wants to make sure all the proper approvals are granted.
We have no need for this generator. We have a small Lincoln generator we use for stuff when needed around campus.
It is just too old for us to spend time on.
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Ernie Leimkuhler
Ask this question with serial number at
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They can tell you the year it was manufactured and who bought it. Can also call Hobart / Miller help line listed on all their new welders and same people will answer your question.
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R. Duncan
I went back out today and finally found the name plate.
Hobart GB-318 300 amps 1800 rpm Diesel
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Ernie Leimkuhler
Ernie Leimkuhler spluttered in news:301220031957188303%
Ooooooo. I'll be right out!!!!
Mmm,rrr, nevermind. I'm 2000 miles away! ;-) I am tired of putting gasoline in mine.
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Greg M
Hey Ernie,
OK. Good. Thanks for the help. I was beginning to think nobody would know. .
Take care. Happy New Year.
Brian Lawson, Bothwell, Ontario. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
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Brian Lawson

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