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Apologies if this shows up twice ...
Our loving youngest son has given me a 3D printer for Christmas ...
Merry Merry ! Now I have to learn how to use it . He's given me a couple
of links and program suggestions , but I'll be needing more information
on these things and maybe some project suggestions . I haven't even
opened the box yet and I've already came up with an idea to prank my
neighbor and good friend up the road ...
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My son has been playing with a 3D resin printer for a while. He's done one project for me, but mostly he prints fantasy miniature figurines for hand painting. He's become quite a good fine detail painter for such things.
The project he did for me was to print some resin master molds which I used to pour silicone molds which I used to cast resin fishing poppers. They catch fish. I'm not suggesting that you make fishing lures, but rather that 3D printing can be an end process or a supplemental process.
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Bob La Londe
My son is a gamer ... he uses his 3DP to print miniatures for his gaming . I'm not sure where this will lead , but I'm pretty sure I'm going to enjoy the trip !
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