NST40 Taper?

I've got a customer with an NST40 taper Bridgeport (so he says)... I was hoping to drive my device with an R8 to J33 adapter, and I know there are NST40 to J33 adapters, but I'm curious if anyone knows of sources for the NST40 to J33 adapters... I found only one at $45 but wonder if there are any other sources, etc.

Also, is this at all common to have this taper on a Bridgeport - or anything for that matter? Today was the first time I've ever come across this taper...

Finally, what is the difference between an NST40 and NT40 taper?

So much to learn, so little time!

Thanks to anyone who can assist.

Regards, Joe Agro, Jr. (800) 871-5022

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My Bridgeport has a NMTB40 Taper, but it has a Beaver Engineering (Brit) head on it, not the J head. The 40 taper series is takes larger capacity tooling than the R8.

NMTB and NST refer to the same thing I believe. CAT40 is slightly different in that they usually use a retention knob instead of a drawbar, but you can remove the retention knob and use a drawbar if its long enough to reach.

BT40 is a metric drawbar I think. I usually drill out the hardened threads with carbide tooling, press in a new UNC threaded plug and tack weld to convert to NMTB drawbar if I come across one.


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