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I'll bet practically everybody who posts on rcm has an inkjet printer. I have refilled cartridges in the past with variable results. Currently I am using an HP4620 printer. When I went to refill the black cartridge with some ink made for another, older, model HP printer it couldn't be filled the way my older HP cartridges could. I think it was because the 4620 cartridge doesn't have the nozzles in the cartridge. What is there is a round pad that wicks the ink into the printer proper. So I just tried dripping a drop at a time onto the pad to see if the cartridge would soak up very much ink. And it does. Very well. On top of that it is very interesting to watch the ink being absorbed by the pad. The ink drop lands on the pad, wets the whole surface, and then seems to disappear all at once. As the cart starts to get full it absorbs the ink slower, making it easy to gauge when to stop adding ink, thereby avoiding a spill. It takes about 5 minutes to refill the cart. My printer gives me some sort of message about the cart being used and warning me it may counterfeit or some such nonsense but it only does this once per filling and so is no bother. I am now on my third year (at least) usingn the same cart. Eric

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Here ink tanks are very popular and there are shops who will install ink tanks on your printer rather cheaply, or sell you a new printer with the tanks already installed.

You can, of course, buy the tanks and tubing separately but the shops price for installation is so cheap that hardly anyone actually installs their own.

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