oil for Gingery lathe

I have a pair of gallons of refrigeration compressor oil left over from
another project. I wonder if I can use it for spindle and way lubrication. It
should be thin enough, as it seems thinner even than 3-in-1. I checked oil
lubrication charts for old lathes where SAE 30 oil is recommended. I have
some Shell SAE 40 but it is quite thick and the carriage and slides got a
lot heavier to move.
I have read that this type of oil is higroscopic. Also I wonder if its
more toxic than engine or gear oils.

Camilo Ramos
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Camilo Ramos
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If you realy want a do-it-yourself lub to go with your do-it-yoourself lathe, mix that with some dishwashing soap for body and maybe add some gear oil for better high presure perfomance.
My experience is that you are wearing your lathe out too soon using such llight-weight oils. My recommendation would be at least 90W gear oil for the ways and 30W for the spindle. You're not saving any money chinzing on lube only to wear the machine.
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Chainsaw bar oil will work for the ways. I would not put it in where there are oil wicks though.
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First - get some real way oil - MSC sells it. Putting chainsaw oil on - might have acids within as a don't care... Like sulfur which might keep gum out - be eat ways up.
Vactra is the keyword.
The 30W is not automotive oil. And if you use automotive oil use NON-detergent. You don't want metal floating in the mix - you want it to sink. Detergent floats metal back into bearings and tight joints..
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Maybe ebay?
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