Old farm style white grindwheels

On these old style stones what was the recommended SFM?
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A modern equivalent:
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Jim Wilkins
Whatever you could turn the handle at.
As a boy, I had to turn the handle to sharpen scythe blades and axes.
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The more up-market ones had pedals :-)
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John B.
Firefox fails to properly parse that (or the shortened version ending in g0136.) and Griz doesn't care. "Use MSIE or Chrome" they say.
Let's see, 70rpm with a 10" wheel is 183-1/4sfm. The old 24" or 30" farm stones ran about 15rpm, so that's 94 or 118ish SFM.
15rpm is from memory of working on one at the steam museum in Vista and watching medieval movies with them running. About 4 seconds a stroke was comfortable.
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Larry Jaques
Thanks, CP
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My firefox had no problems with it, once I stretched the window so the URL was not folded.
FWIW My firefix is an older one -- but I've already closed it so I can't look up the version. :-) Anyway -- the machine running it *can't* run either MSIE or Chrome -- and I'm glad of that.
I've edited the URL by adding a '' at the end, which makes some e-mail clients avoid breaking the URL.
According to the PDF of the manual, the 10" big wheel turns at 60 RPM. *And* it runs in water, and when left unused for a while, the reservoir should be drained. Anyway -- the wheel is not expected to be used dry.
Enjoy, DoN.
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DoN. Nichols
Yeah, you're on some ancient and alien comp, Don.
Ditto, and the link listed is with the GT/LT signs.
That's interesting, as the quick info has it listed as 70rpm. That's either a typo on the website or a change by the mfgr for Griz.
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Larry Jaques

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