One of two complete machine shop exhibits in the US

If you are in the Texas panhandle area [e.g. Amarillo] you may want to stop and see this. Next to a typical oil rig of the

1920's oil boom.

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Museum celebrates completion of Machine Shop on 01-02-2008 11:41

By: Brooke Huff Reporter

The Hutchinson County Historical Museum has been working on its new Machine Shop exhibit for several years. On December 14, 2007 it was finally completed. At the Hutchinson County Historical Commission meeting Monday evening, the commission discussed the progress of the exhibit. Hutchinson County Historical Museum director Ed Benz told the commission that the construction has been completed, and they were able to move all of the artifacts in on December 18. He also said that the project cost them about $5,000 less than they expected. The Machine Shop, located across Main Street from the museum, is open to tours, but they are still seeking exhibit sponsorship for some inside work, such as wiring, that still needs to be done. Benz said that they are working on a building fund for exhibitory and restoration of some of the artifacts. Benz hopes to be able to use the Machine Shop exhibit to help promote Borger?s petroleum heritage. It will help improve the museum?s outdoor exhibitions. The new exhibit, Benz said, is only one of two complete Machine Shop exhibits in the country. He said that back in the early 1920?s Borger was famous for its large number of Machine Shops. Many of the artifacts currently housed in the exhibit were once a part of working Machine Shops in the surrounding area. The Machine Shop exhibit will also be home to a Central Supply exhibit and an original Mac truck. At the meeting, the commission also discussed the importance of more volunteers. Benz said that recently, due to uncontrollable circumstances, they have lost several of their faithful volunteers. They are seeking volunteers because, Benz said, volunteers play a vital role in the daily operation of the museum. They help in the preservation of the county?s history by assisting with building projects and giving tours. They also travel the Panhandle giving educational presentations about Hutchinson County and its heritage. On weekends, the volunteers man the museum so the museum?s few full-time employees can have a day off. Other duties include assisting with special presentations at the museum and organizing events. Benz did report to the commission that their number of volunteers and Friends of the Hutchinson County Museum members have doubled. They have also been able to increase their exhibits and donor sponsorship. ================

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Where's the other one? Did you include Steamtown in Scranton?


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Carl Byrns


What are the criteria for a "complete" machine shop? The Hagley in Delaware has a machine shop, The Charles River museum has a shop that still makes chips, and I understand there is one on Maryland's eastern shore. I'm sure there must be many more across the country. It might be a good time to have everyone across the country send in the ones near them, and compile a list.

Kevin Gallimore

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Since I live in Borger I guess I will have to go and check it out and see what their criteria is.

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That one (Tuckahoe) is a work in progress. They've collected quite a few old line-shaft machines (lathes, mills, shapers, planers, etc) and some of the members of the CAMS (Chesapeake Area Metalworking Society) club are active in the restoration.

They've collected a bunch of line shaft drive components from an old shop which was being shut down and stripped, and the museum at Tuckahoe has built a 40x80' shop building into which they are currently installing the line shaft hardware.

There is live steam at the site. I'm not sure whether the eventual plan is to run it from live steam, or from a big old electric motor -- or perhaps to switch off between those for various things. Some of the work on refurbishing these tools is being done in home shops, and some is being done with the tools which they are refurbishing.

We get progress reports at most of our meetings -- sometimes accompanied by a book of photos being passed around.

Enjoy, DoN.

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Don't I remember seeing a complete line shaft run shop at the Green Field Village/Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, MI? This was before I got interested in metalworking, so I didn't really spend much time there. I think it may have been part of Thomas Edison's lab.


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============ Bill it is good to see you "lurking" on RCM.

How is the bio diesel project coming and do you have the cupola furnace operating yet?

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