OT: big boy toy for sale

Just posted this to the Granada/Monarch group on google, and
thought there may be someone in the NG that may be
interested in a restoration project car.
Metallic green 2 door Mercury Monarch with I-block 250,
auto, factory air, power brakes, and after market cruise.
Needs a new home and TLC, as it is now clear I will not be
able to complete restoration. Car is 1978 and has been in
family since new. Two owners, currently tagged. Was an
almost daily driver until my age and health intervened.
Base vehicle has slightly more than 100k miles. 5k miles
or less on restored components (10k for exhaust system). V.
good mechanical condition and can be driven anywhere at
design speed of 55-60 MPH. I made a few 300 mile road
trips, including Interstates, with complete
confidence/satisfaction, with minimal front end wander
[After two alignments] Car was running well when I had to
park it [outside] a year+ ago. WOULD LIKE TO SELL BEFORE
ANOTHER WINTER. Make an offer for entire car for

Replacements include:
* complete front end rebuild including power steering valve
and hoses
new rear shocks
* brakes (power) new pads and shoes
ignition module replaced also cap, rotor, wires, and
* rebuilt carburetor
differential lube replaced
* Interior very good and OE
all interior/exterior light bulbs replaced - switches,
sockets and wiring are good including turn signals
* includes OE floor mats
all decals, placards, stickers are present
* after market shop manual included
OE owners manual included
* Midas exhaust system installed c. 10k miles./ 4 years
* window channel - regulators work well
and works OK
fuel gauge is intermittent
lenses ok
duct taped and have all pieces
* hood ornament vandalized [broken off] have all pieces
should be easy [epoxy] repair
OE paint oxidized, most likely will not buff out and will
require repaint
* most likely will require a new battery
other items
OEM AM only radio [working but limited range]
10w-30 Hi miler
I can post hi-res gif or jpg pictures of features/views of
FWIW nearest airport is Tulsa Oklahoma, and I will pick you
up in the Monarch. You can drive the car home after you
drop me off about 2 hrs north into Kansas [good/easy
connection to Interstate both N/S and E/W from there] .
Best way to contact me is by NG post or email
snipped-for-privacy@mcduffee-associates.us You can also phone
+1 620.251.5018 but I am deaf as a post. I also have
anonymous call blocking to thwart the telemarketers.
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F. George McDuffee
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