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Not exactly what you are looking for, but as my brother likes to say, it's the only vehicle with a pedestrian warning on the hood in reference to his Power Wagon)
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Jon Anderson
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Close- MOPAR, More Outstanding Perfomance At Races
C racked H eads E very V alve R attles O il L eaks E very T ime
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According to 'Shotgun Red', it's 'Dem Old Dudes Go Everywhere'.
Ford: Flaky Old Recycled Dodge First Out, Race Day Found On Road Dead
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Michael A. Terrell
DODGE - Drips Oil, Drops Grease Everywhere
Oops! I forgot a D
Damned Old Dreary Godawful Electrics.
Dead Old Design, with Great Engine
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Stu Fields
ford first orgy is really delightful mopar -- massivly overpowered and respected mopar -- mostly old parts and rust
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Acronyms are fine what about poetry - remember the old Ford adaptation of the 23rd?
Haven't got it all but it went something like this:
The Ford is my car, I shall never want another; It taketh me down into the valleys, but will not bring me up the other side; It causeth me to lie down in wet places and anointeth my head with oil.
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