OT oil rating questions

I was wondering if anyone here knew what the "energy conserving" rating
means on the quarts of oil? I found it on regular and synthetic oil,
from different manufactures. The owners manual for my friends Honda VTX
1800 states NOT to use any oil with that rating. What is in the energy
conserving oil that is bad? Any ideas??
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Mostly, the oil has been formulated to have a very low drag (viscosity) while still lubricating well. Wet clutches and motorcycle starter clutches don't work well with that sort of oil, resulting in slipping clutches and starter motors that don't spin the engine.
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Pete Snell
1. Nice bike. Retro? Classic? Etc...
2. NEVER use "Energy Conserving" oil on a bike unless it has a dry clutch (very rare these days)
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It means that the oil has certain friction modifiers which reduce friction under certain conditions in the engine and can thus demonstrate a small (around 1%) fuel economy benefit in laboratory test stands. Generally it also means that the motor oil is on the thin side of it's viscosity grade range.
Most motorcycle's warn against using highly friction modified oils due to wet clutch compatibility problems.
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John Horner

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