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Hi all, This is probably going to be a stupid question but, I'm trying to get a reference on a pressure/temp gauge on an old pressure canner.

I've hooked up a bicycle pump via a tire valve & hose to the pressure canner & the pressure canner reads 15 PSI and the bike pump reads ~12.5 PSI at room temp. I've also checked the bike pump pressure gauge against a new spare pressure gauge & they seem to be within ~1 PSI.

My question is, will the steam/temperature affect the pressure cooker gauge differently than just pumping it up with room temp. air?

I know I should just go buy another gauge, but I really like the looks of the needle/indicator face of the old beast!

Opinions on bourdon tube "home re-calibration"? ;-)

TIA! Bart

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To summarize, the answer is NO, temperature and steam should not affect what the gauge reads. It sounds like your kettle gauge is off, adn when the kettle gauge reads 15 pounds, the pressure is really 12.5.

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Pressure is pressure, whether it's stram or air.

Temperature *shouldn't* significantly affect the canner's gage reading, but if you want to prove whether it does, heat the gage up with a hair dryer until it feels about as hot as it does when it's in use and try your air pressure test then.

Larger old bourdon tube gages did have internal adjusters which modified the "leverage" of the linkage between the bourdon tube and the rack which rotated the indicator shaft's pinion gear, but I doubt if a little gage like yours has that provision. OTOH if you can easily open it up, have a look, you may see where there's a spot for bending something in the linkage to change the leverage.



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