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My Paasche D-500 came equipped with a Badger regulator/moisture trap that shows pressure to 160 psi. I would like an air pressure gauge that shows pressure to 60 psi since the compressor's maximum is 28 psi. I think that would be easier to set than the 160 psi gauge. I have Googled for an hour and cannot find one. Anyone have a suggestion? Both the Paasche and Badger sites show their regulators with this gauge but no separate part numbers. What type of local supplier might carry this? Auto parts? Home Depot? Michaels?

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Not Michael's.

I would try an auto parts supplier first...specifically, one that deals with body repair parts and tools (I don't know how far across the country they are, but in southern California, we have Thompson Lacquer).

You might also go to a specialty tool store, one that specialized in air tools. Yellow pages???

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Steve Hoskins

You *have* to improve your Google skills! ;-) I found this one right away:

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I think on the compressor side of things the fittings are all NPT so you shouldn't have a hard time making it work, eg, if you need an angle or extension.

HTH, Stevert

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A Paasche R-75 moisture trap/regulator is the recommended choice with a max psi of 60 and a good range coverage. This should have been suggested with compressor purchase.

One can be seen with the gauge repositioned on my site.

For more details with methods and extensive discussion of problems and solutions, see first site below in methods//spraying accessories.

Hope this helps.

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Try almost any good hardware store. Otherwise check your yellow pages for any distributor of compressors, air tools, industrial paint spraying equipment etc. etc..

Otherwise, contact

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and ask them who carries their line in your city. (My company handles both, generally the coilhose gauges are a bit less expensive, although buying from us you will pay shipping.) http://www, Don


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