OT?: Storing a window air conditioner?

Hi All,

Not completely off topic, but I figured folks here would know, no luck on this from google :-(.

The AC came out of the window yesterday and the only place to store it is on the back (fins side), would require a serious re-arrangement to put it flat.

Is that going to be a problem?

It is not sitting on the fins, but rather the case and on top of a couple strips of wood to keep it off the floor. Probably won't be needed until next July or August.

Thanks & take care, Chris.

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Not a problem, other than when you place it back in service leave it in position for a period(minimum of an hour) to allow the oil to drain down before starting it.

There is a small potential for the oil to collect in the suction line and you will hydrolock the compressor.


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Thanks JW! Now I can quit worrying :-).

Will be easy to leave it horizontal when I go to install it as I have to get it out and put it on the cart to drag it back in here while I assemble the "no holes" mount that keeps the landlord happy :-).

Thanks much, Chris

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