Who Uses Techniks?

Just had a customer call me up the other day and tell me Techniks could not
sell direct to the public but that they had to order through me... Never
realized that they only sold to OEM and distributor-types...
Personally, I find Techniks to be the best stocked, usually the lowest
priced and absolutely the best customer service company I deal with for lots
of items.
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Joe AutoDrill
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Never heard of them. Is it that they only sell to OEM and distributors, or that they only sell to businesses? Not really the same thing, and pretty easy to qualify as a business if that's the issue.
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Pete C.
They only sell to "qualified customers", which means exactly what they want it to. Once qualified, they sell direct, no distributors.
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Tim Wescott
We have a line that is moving to another firm. In the machining process we use Kurt tombstones with fixturing made by Kurt. Since the other firm now owns the line, though we are still producing product, they are now responsible for repair items.
Their purchasing person called up Kurt and wanted some repair pieces for the custom fixturing. Kurt told them, the order is too small, it isn't worth the time and effort to set up an account. Kurt is too busy with established customers.
Now if we order the part, we are going to get it because we are fortune 500 and the corporate entity buys a lot of stuff from Kurt.
Now I wish I'd asked our purchasing person to get a quote on a D675 before I ebayed for one for my home shop.
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