OT: Uniden TRU-8885 cordless phone repair

Uniden TRU-8885. Great 5.8gig phone system, but I noticed after two
years or so, the ringer volume on the handsets was starting to
degrade. One handset, so low I could barely hear it. Fearing the
driver for the speaker was failing, or that I had dropped it one too
many times, I dissassembled the handset to test. Hmmm; mylar 1" dia
speaker with a tiny potted board where the two wires connect. With
nothing to loose, I connected a 2" PC speaker to the board. Sound!
Loud! In fooling with the mylar speaker, I noticed if I touched the
plastic film covering the face, the volume increased slightly. I pried
up on the film slightly with and Xacto blade tip, and the speaker came
on, sounding halfway normal now.
Repair: I poked a hole into the film covering, and stuck a 1/2" piece
of round toothpick between the film and speaker face. The volume
returned to normal, if a little buzzy. Better than nothing.
I do so love being handy....:)
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Yup. Did a casual repair on my new cell phone.
Darned receiver volume was too low even when turned up 'all the way'. Disassembled the earpiece and opened up a large hole in the plastic in front of the speaker using my drill press.
Deburred and cleaned out the pSwarf. Buttoned everything back up. Now 'max' volume is almost painfully loud.
I'm happy.
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