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Recently there was a thread discussing Snap-On and Sears warranty on sockets, ratchets.....

I was wondering if anyone had any experience with the following prodcuts:

Mastercraft: This is a line sold by Canadian tire. I now see that the packaging now says guaranteed for forever.

Gedore (Brazil); This line is sold by Princess Auto which covers them as having a lifetime warranty.

Gray: I am not certain who sells this line. To claim warranty coverage their website says that you must provide the original sales receipt. It also says the usual words about appropriate usage.

I have a made up set of second hand Gray's. I have had them for over

25 years with no failures. I am now looking to add metric sizes since I have been running into more metric nuts and bolts.


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My set of tools is Canadian Tire Professional series. Far as I know the standard Mastercraft stuff isn't always lifetime guaranteed but the Professional series (not that much more $) always is. I have broke/spun a 3/8 rachet driver (with the help of a 4 foot 'helper' bar and alot of my bouncing 200lb of weight) and went down to the local Canadian Tire and got a new one in minutes no questions. That was the only main breakage I have had after being rather touch on the tools. A mechanic I know also states that for hobby use only he would use the Pro series from C-T.

Thoughts on C-T tools:

- you get the warranty

- pretty well every town in Cananda seems to have one to replace your tools if you break them

- you get extra $$ money back to spend on more tools (C-T money)

I also have a second set of sockets and drivers from Husky as they came with my tool cabinet (present) and I would say I am just as happy with them as the C-T. But it's 5min to C-T across town and 30min to the closest Home Depot for Husky.

Gray: Brafasco here in Canada sells Gray and when I asked about them they seemed expensive to me.

My $.02, Jeff

sam-hood wrote:

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Jeff Williams

The House of Tools here (Saskatoon, Canada) sells Gray tools. They are fairly expensive these days. Makes me wonder how I got the various wrench sets and socket pieces I see in my garage .... Of course the SnapOn wrenches were a Christmas present for my 16's birthday, nearly 30 years ago, so maybe I got the Gray stuff given to me too....

Here's the metric wrenches for you, all 15 pieces for a mere $500 CAD ...

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Dave Keith

I don't have much Professional Series but I have replaced a standard screw driver that failed as a pry bar, a tape measure that I found on site with the rewind mechinism busted and a pair of needle nose pliers that were abused. All without any questions. My brother has done the same type of things and has never been questioned. Usually the girl at the customer service will just say grab the replacement and bring it up for a straight excahnge.

I don't use my tools professionally but I have no complaints about their handtools. As well, if you wait for the sales the tend to go on sale for a good price off their regular prices.


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I have Canadain Tire sockets that I have used professionally for over 40 years and never had to replace anything from that set. Some of the newer metric CTC sockets and ratchet handles I have purchased have not stood up so well, but they never give me any flack about replacing them. But the fact they they replace them N/C with no problem doesn't do much to help heal my busted nuckles.

I have been amazed by how well the Princes Auto wrench sets hold up under extreme service and they also have a full replacement guarantee that I have never had to use.

A full replacement guarantee is great but in the long run all I really want is a good quality dependable tool that doesn't let me down when I really need it.


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