Pantograph Engraver and Font set Questions

I just purchased a Scott SM 500 without engraver fonts. I would like to
know if I can use other brand font sets in it. I seem to find alot of
New Hermes fonts on ebay but no Scott.
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Most of the commercial fonts are interchangeable. But in the worst case, you would just need to make or buy a type holder for the oddball size font. Scott, on their website, claims their fonts will fit other machines- why dont you call or email them,and ask them whether Hermes or Gorton fonts will fit their machine?
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The important part of any fonts are the fonts themselves. The letters can be held by any system that works. Most of the fonts that I've seen are held in a dovetailed base where you slide the letters in and hold them in place with a stop or other such thing and that works just fine.
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