Pinzgauer/Mercedes MOG differences

I may be getting to drive a Pinzgauer on guided tours here in Southern Utah. Anyone have experiences, and can tell me something about them? How do they compare with the Mercedes MOG?


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Steve B
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Hi Steve - sounds an interesting job?

The Pinzgauer is Rather More Modern...

The ones I've ridden in (not driven) have far better, suppler suspension - I think it may be fully independent, and it's torsion bar sprung - still has portal axles for ground clearance like the 'Mog, but the 'Mog's live axles limit its ride comfort a touch! Unlike the 'Mog, the Pinzgauer's frame's designed to be rigid, not part of the axle articulation... Probably better off-road than the 'Mog, which is saying something! *definitely* better on-road.

Payload's 1 Ton (2200 pounds) on the 4x4, 1.5T (3300) on the 6x6, so nowhere near as much as the 'Mog - this may be one reason they can keep the suspension supple?

The Pinzgauer's a touch faster than a 'mog, typically it can manage 65-75 mph on highways vs 45-55, the motorway near me links a few army bases and they keep up with the (slow lane) trucking traffic pretty well! That may be partly due to the Soldier's Lead Boot?

If it's a first-generation (pre 1980, Austrian factory) it has a manual 'box, transfer box and diff locks (lots to juggle in a cisis), pretty reliable air-cooled petrol engine - be aware that the electrics are 24V!

If it's second-generation made since 1980 (or 2000, when it'll be UK production, the factory's owned by British Aerospace and they're made just down the road from me...) standard they come with an auto 'box, so less juggling all the levers, and a water-cooled turbo-diesel in place of the air-cooled petrol engine.

HTH, Dave H. (the other one)

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