Portland Oregon metal supplier?

Hi all -
Several years ago I found a metal supplier in Portland who was located
under the Ross Island Bridge in the Zidell area. I think I remember the
name as "Pacific Metals"
Since the gentrification of the waterfront area I've heard that they
moved, and now that I need some additional small bits of 14ga 6061 I'm
trying to re-locate them to no avail..
Does anyone know where they went - or - does anyone know a good supplier
(preferably in the Portland area) of small (like remnant) pieces of
1/16" aluminum for less than an arm and leg or first-born?
Thanks in advance -
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Carla Fong
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I'll plead complete ignorance on one aspect of your question.
I have no idea if aluminum sheet is even sold in "Gauge" sizes. All the aluminum I have ever dealt with was marked in thousandths of an inch. Maybe the stuff sold as flashing at the borg home stores... ?
Try phoning the guys. If they are still in business, they have a phone. Probably listed under "metal" or "recycling" in the yellow pages.
Other options. Other metal dealers. Aircraft maintenance. Got a light plane Airport near you? Every guy that I know that has had anything to do with airplanes has a cardboard box full off assorted remnants. The certified aircraft guys usually keep some scraps around that have lost their markings. Usefull enough for doing misc. projects with, but not really supposed to end up on airplanes. Often, available for the asking, though, the guys I know would be pretty pleased to have an offer of some coffees, or donuts in the mix. They are usually even happier, when they actually get them! :-)
Ask around to see if there is an EAA (Experimental Aircraft Assn) Chapter near you. These are aircraft homebuilders. Same deal.
If you have to resort to retail, take a look at Aircraft Spruce and Specialty. Good folks.
Take a quick look through an aircraft homebuilders magazine at the news stant. Buy one even. Lots of ad's from outfits catering to the small user.
Not a direct answer, sorry. Hope it gives you a few ideas, though.
Cheers Trevor Jones
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Trevor Jones
Carla, it's been longer than you think! Zidel, Schnitzer and Alaska Junk, (all Schnitzer family owned, I think) all closed and the polluted land covered by Schnitzer's illegal dredging and filling of the area. Then he gave it to the city of Portland. I was working for American Data Services, in the same area, in the late 1970's and used to visit there regularly. They closed sometime in the late 70's, I think. My Dad used to buy steel and machine parts for his sawmill from Zidel's.
I live in Redmond, OR and have and electronics assembly service there. Next door is Smith Rock River Boats. They make flat bottom aluminum boats and have bins of scrap aluminum sheet kept inside their plant! I have no idea of the alloy,but looks to be the thickness you are looking for. Are there any boat manufacturing places in your area?
Lanceair, the kit airplane company used to have their manufacturing operation in our building, also. They used VERY little metal in their airplane. I picked up a couple of pieces of aluminum plate when they moved and cleaned out, but is was used in some of the fiber glass molds, not in the airplane. So I don't think the home built airplane people would be a good source of material.
You might, however, look into the FBO operations at either the Troutdale or Hillsboro airports, possible others, for people who repair airplanes. In July, I think, I went to an auction at a FBO in Madras that closed several years ago. They had a big supply of aluminum sheets of quite a few different thicknesses. I didn't bid on them and don't know what they went for. I think most of the aluminum went to airplane people that were into repairs and restoration.
I bought quite a bunch of 1/4 6061 aluminum plate several years ago from Pacific Metals. They cut it to size for tooling plates for my assembly equipment. Right now, I am reusing the old plates where I can because of the costs of new aluminum. They may be able to supply something for you that will work.
Good luck in your search. Hope something I mentioned will help.
Best regards,
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Sure. In the Clackamas area is Clackamas Steel. They're a surplus yard. Mainly steel, but they have stainless and aluminum also. The aluminum is in a shed toward the back. They encourage customers to browse their yard. I don't have the address, but they are on Evelyn St. in Clackamas. Check the phone book. Sadly, I moved to Central Oregon last year. Clackamas Steel is one of the few places I miss. 42
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Where in Central Oregon? I moved from Redmond to Crooked River Ranch last Spring. My business is still in Redmond.
Paul, KD7HB
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We're in La Pine. I love living here, but do miss some of the amenities of the larger city, a decent metal supplier being one. Do you know of any in the area? I've been to Schnitzer's in Bend and was somewhat underwhelmed. 42, also a Paul
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