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What kind of potentiometer? There are lots, with the most common having 270 degree rotation. Some of those are linear taper, and some are audio taper, depending on the application. Some of them include a power switch at the lowest volume position (down and then off).
Then there are 10-turn pots -- all of those that I have seen are linear. I've seen a very few 5-turn pots.
Then there are the various styles of trimpots -- to mount on PC boards, or long rectangular ones with multi-turn leadscrews moving the wiper.
And this is including the step type ones like those made by Daven, with each step representing a specific number of DeciBels (db).
And -- multi-switch ones for setting precise attenuation in decimal steps.
So -- until we know what kind of Potentiometer, there is no chance to come up with a suggested web site.
And -- it almost looks like someone is thinking that a usenet newsgroup is a company. :-) Who is the "you" this is addressed to?
And no -- I do not sell potentiometers, and only occasionally buy new ones. :-)
There is always:
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and then search through there for something like what you think you want.
Good luck, DoN.
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