Right-wingers who are dead

I have previously written of left-wingers whom I believe to be dead.
Among them:
* Craig Chilton
"Curly Surmudgeon"
* "Too_Many_Tools"
"Kirby Grant"
* Tim Crowley (hospital orderly)
Hawke Ptooey (Dave Smithers)
* Deep Dudu (*confirmed*)
I have strong reason to think that some equally objectionable
right-wingers have corked off.
* "Scout" (scooter)
Mark Wieber (gummer)
Any confirmations?
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Rudy Canoza
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Gary's probably dead.
Wieber's dead? Interesting. I just saw him a couple of weeks ago.
What about Patriot Games and Bob&Carole?
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someone whose dog is smarter than 'someone else'
If Wieber is dead, then who will take up the mantle of "The Great Cull?" Surely someone else will want to pretend that all my years of living past my deadline only ensures that my demise at the hands of imaginary cullers is that much more imminent.
Does this mean a further collapse of the cheap sailboat market? And what about sales Mountain Dew, which are already suffering?
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On the upside, maybe Kern County can finally collect a fraction of the back taxes that "conservative" Wieber has dodged for decades.
Alas, like so many deponent teens, he has retreated to a world where he can waste endless hours expending what little energy he has. By
minute, feeling like he's King of everything, while accomplishing absolutely nothing.
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Which is easily confused with being dead. :)
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Satellite of Love

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