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Just acquired a used Sorensen 40VDC 25A power supply. Variable voltage
and variable current. Looking for suggestions for it's use. Thinking
along the lines of small electroplating set-up and electro-derusting.
Any comments?
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The above, plus battery charging, motor spinning, etc. It is a good versatile appliance.
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That would work very well indeed for electrolytic derusting. You might look in the dropbox at Ted's article on electrocleaning, or was it electropolishing?
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Grant Erwin
That is what jumped into my mind - electro-plating/derusting...
Sounds like a nice supply for stuff. 1000 Watt isn't bad. (I say Watt not VA since it is DC.)
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Gerry wrote:
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Martin H. Eastburn
handy bench supply - test automotive stuff (that's what I use a supply like that for), 24VDC things, etc - of course it can do the plating/derusting, but a much less sophisticated supply can do that too
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William Noble
I think I may have an identical unit. They threw it out at work. Weighs about 75 lbs, 19" rack mount, amp and volt gauge, current limiting etc. Worked great for a while, used it for testing my car stereo, de-rusting etc. Unfortunatly it stopped working correctly and I have no schematic. I think the reason it finnaly died has something to do with some moron storing steel wool pads on the top of the ventilated case...
Gerry wrote:
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