Rack and pinion Sanford model SG48 parts

I'm looking to replace the longitudinal feed rack and gear parts on a Sanford model SG48 surface grinder as mine are well worn with too much backlash. Looking for specs and/or place to buy them. Any help much appreciated!!

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They are standard Boston gear parts and will be marked. The pinion is an NB

16b, 16 tooth, 16 diametral pitch, 14 1/2 degree pressure angle, 1/2" bore and matching rack. You can get them from McMaster-Carr, each is in the low $20 range. You will have to drill and counterbore the mounting holes as the y go through the teeth, not on the side. Be sure and counterbore deep enoug h or the gear will hit. I believe the Sanford cap screws have thinner heads .


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