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rb> > That has got to be racist...Some group surely has been left out. rb> > Quick issue them a Demonstration Permit. rb> rb> It was just on the radio that they are going to take down a rb> Confederate rb> monument in Helena. Since we're a little light on former slaves it rb> was rb> the Natives that protested. I can't wait for them to get on a rb> role. rb> We'll have to take down every monument except those for Sitting rb> Bull. rb>

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Nonsense. The 'high level waste' is tiny tonnage per year, and we know of subduction zones that will keep it out of contact with the biosphere. No isotopes that need 20 billion years to decay can be called 'high level', compared to (for instance) the natural uranium we find everywhere (a few million years halflife),

Some isotopes of concern might last thousands of years, but we routinely avoid arsenic, lead, etc. toxins in the rocks, which NEVER decay to become safe.

The US has

It has taken 50 years of pointless discussions, led by innumerates and naysayers with law degrees, to produce zero agreement. There are real hazards related to early war-effort programs that didn't even pretend to have a long-term plan, we're still cleaning those up, but the 'power business' has been relatively benign by comparison; they do, however, fund folk to counter naysayers with law degrees, which explains the ire of (for instance) innumerates.

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