Rebuilding DropsA one shot oil pump

My recently aquired Kondia Model G mill has a one shot oiler pump made by DropsA. It is the kind where you pull out a spring loaded T shaped handled and it pumps out on the return stroke. It leaks so much oil around the shaft when I pump it that I can't see any evidence of oil actually going through the tubing and to the places where its needed.

I called Clausing/Kondia and they told me no rebuild kit was available for the model G. Does anyone know of a rebuild kit for that pump? It seems like just a couple of cheap rubber parts would be all it takes to get it going as good as new.

Failing that, I guess I could go to the seal and bearing place with the old seal in hand and try to find matching parts.

Last choice would be for me to bore out the hole around the shaft and put in some othe seal. After all, I do have a mill.

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Philippe Habib
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This seems like the best option. Oil seals and O-rings are rather generic.

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Roger Shoaf

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