Bijur one shot oiler repair

I have a Tree Mill with with a Bijur one shot oiler installed. How do I diagnose the oiler, and, if found defective how do you repair? Do I have to remove the milling machine table? I do have the factory manual for the mill but the oiler is not discussed. Somebody probably added it on.

Thanks, Ivan Vegvary

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Ivan Vegvary
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There's not much to them. First take the line off the oiler and pump it.. If it pumps oil then you know you have a clog somewhere else. If it doesn't pump there is probably a o-ring bad somewhere. I guess the lubricator itself could go bad but I've never had it happen. I've had the reservoir crack before other parts went bad.

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The little flow restrictor fittings at the end points of each lube line are usually what clogs up. Everything else in the flow path is pretty wide open so and bits of debris will accumulate at the flow restrictors. The flow restrictors are important in equalizing the oil flow so that every part gets oiled, if you run without them you will have some areas over oiled and some oil starved.

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Pete C.

The first thing to do is clean the tank and the screen on the bottom of the pump. If any water gets into the oil and bacteria are present, there will be snot that forms and will clog up the filter screen and the rest of the system.

Each oiling point has a metering unit which is essentially a plunger that pushes out a measured amount of oil every time pressure is applied to the system. The metering units come in different metering amounts depending on how much oil is required.

You cannot blow through the metering units but can check them by hooking them up directly to the pump and see if a drop of oil comes out when you pull the pump plunger and release it.

If you find a lot of goop in the tank I would recommend blowing out each line and then put some kerosene or very light oil in the tank and pump it through the system without the metering units screwed into the ports but connected to the lines from the pump. Check to see that each metering unit is supplying oil. Once all the metering units are pushing oil, reinstall them and put the recommended oil in the tank. Pump the unit excessively while operating the machine to flush out any goop in the ways, the extra oil will not harm anything but it will tend to clean the ways.


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