Refinishing an enemeled brass change gear plate?

The brass plate on my 10K with all the change gear settings has faded to the point that I have to use a printed copy when I need to set up a thread. Does anyone have a suggestion on how to repaint is without covering the raised brass lettering? The lettering is only slightly raised so I don't think I could get away with painting and sanding.

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Glenn Ashmore
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Clean the plate, prep for paint, using a printmakers roller or similar apply a very thin layer of wax or grease to the raised letters, spray over the whole plate, wait for the paint to cure, buff off the paint on the letters that can't stick to grease/wax.


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Stuart Wheaton

Glenn, there are chalk sticks in different colors, you rub them on, not real permanent but can be reapplied as needed. old radio knobs and the division marks on the B/P and the lathe are few things i have used it on.

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Terry Thorne

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