renewing table saw surface

I have a table saw that isn't that old. But I neglected to seal the surface
with a wax floor polish like the manual said to. It's rusting on the
surface and in some areas it's starting to get rough. What can I do to stop
the process now that it's begun?
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Go over the rusted areas with a rotary wire brush in a hand drill. Then smooth over the surface with an oil stone or chisel sharpening stone lubricated with kerosene, clean it with white spirit and apply the wax.
Dave Baker - Puma Race Engines
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Dave Baker
I used an air orbital sander with 220 grit on mine and then rewaxed
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A surface prep disk works great then clean dust off, then coat with a light coat of clear lacquer. Saw on This old house a paste wax that Tom Silva uses.
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Terry Thorne
A friend of mine had his Unisaw table (essentially destroyed from years of cutting aluminum) Blanchard ground. Then he measured the slot and milled his miter gauges to a matching thickness. He was amazed at how cheap it was. Of course, the shop was on Seattle's Harbor Island in the midst of a bunch of similar shops. Now Harbor Island is a giant parking lot for trucks and I'm sure the Blanchard grinder guy is flipping burgers or something.
Ivan wrote:
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Grant Erwin
And "white spirit" would be....?? Turpentine?
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IIRC White spirit = Stoddard solvent in the US
Mark Rand RTFM
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Mark Rand

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