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After many years of disuse:
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exists, and I will check email at as assiduously as I
have always checked my email at
I spoke with Francisca Negrete at the Fairfax County tax office today and since
I am under $10,000 gross, they are going to give me some time to inventory my
assets. I have contacted an AOL member who does estate sales to see about this.
I may be sitting on something here, and I want to know what it is.
Something like a bunch of fixed assets that could blacken my net worth and if
inventoried, reduce the confusion I always have about where to get the next
part from.
I've ordered a GORM unit with three extra shelves from IKEA. The first one will
go in my bedroom in between the entrance door and closet door and will be
divided into some ten or twelve R-Kive boxes:
Bottom Brackets, Pedals, Cranks, Chainrings, Chain, and Cogs;
Shifters, Derailers, Cable, Housing, and Fittings;
Brakes, Pads, Brake Levers, Cable, Housing, and Fittings;
Instruments, Bells, Grips, etc.;
Reflectors, Lights, etc.;
Motors, Generators, etc.;
Ultracapacitors and Circuit Boards;
Hubs, Axles, Cones, Bearings, Skewers, Spokes, etc.;
Tools, Grease, and Oil;
Like that.
and we'll just see how it goes.
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