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Don., the Manual I got on ebay cost me $35, it was a bid or 'buy me now' type thing. I was hot to trot so I bought it. The area you pointed out to download a manual from is the same as I bought. The smaller download file was a little different. Live and learn. I have the shaper just about completely torn down, with the help of a few beers. But it sure will make it easier to clean up the 'ways', which do need some help. The big problem is can I get it back together again. The 'bull gear' drive mechanism does not look anything like what is shown in either of those manuals. The Ammco has a dove tailed sliding mechanism. Maybe the Delta drive is different. If you are interested I'll send you a photograph of the Ammco bull gear setup. And thanks to the other guys who responded to me. Regards

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That is one of my own private web pages. I scan the manuals for older equipment when I get it, and usually burn a CD-ROM -- just in case the original manual gets damaged or lost. Sometimes, I will put the manual up on a web page, when someone else gets one without a manual -- assuming that the manuals are no longer available form the maker. I believe in supporting makers who keep the parts and manuals available for older equipment, so I won't put those up -- for example the one for my Clausing lathe -- because Clausing sells them tailored to the serial number of your machine for quite reasonable prices.

Oops! I tend to avoid the beers until the task is completed for the day. It is also good to take photographs as you go -- with a digital camera if possible, for possible help in getting it back together.

Hmm ... there is an older AMMCO (6") which has only one oiler cup on each side of the ram, instead of three, and which has a different feed mechanism.

I'm afraid that won't work. I have my e-mail server configured to reject any e-mail larger than 30K, which keeps the number of virii down to a very small count. Not that the virii can harm my unix system, but I have a couple of small mailing lists supported on it, and those have machines which are vulnerable to virii on them, so it helps to keep things clean. (Plus, a few years ago, I got something like 900 copies of a specific virus in a single day, and it was chewing up a lot of my bandwidth. That is what convinced me to reject the larger objects.

If you have a web page to put it on -- or if you send it to the dropbox, and then post what the filename is, I could then access it. The dropbox can be found at

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-- click on the

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bar to learn how to upload images to it (via eMail).

Thanks, DoN.

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