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Nooo, not a 3-axis cnc lathe..... :)
Costco stuff. :( But still perty neat.
1. 19.2 V Kawasaki portable drill; variable speed, two speed ranges, up to
1100, torque settings, 2 batts, good, *heavy* "1-hr" charger, level, keyless, drill bits/screw bits, case. $40. Gruesome green--can't lose it, tho.. Not a spert on portable drills, but beats the crap out of the $20 jobby (18 V) at NWL I just bought. Seems strong!
2. Folding-knife box cutters, 5 colors, anodized alum, super super cool! Set of 5, w/ 50 std blades. Wicked weapon. $18. Come individually packed, so's you can cut'em out for presents. Got 3 packs!
3. Sharpening "stone" set, fritted metal/industrial diamond type, w/ full "arkansas stone" sized piece (2.5"x9" !, in *nice* wooden box!!), double sided (fine/course, more or less), plus nice hand-held jobby, plus neat pocket pen-sized jobby for small knives. $18. Bought four. Even people who aren't tool nuts go nuts over these. May have to buy 4 more.!
4. 12 pc plier sets. Looks really nice. First, let me say, I got a drawer, just fer screwdrivers. I got a drawer, just fer vise-grips. I got a drawer, just fer allen wrenches... I got a drawer........ well, you know.... I got 6 Channel Locks, *including* the itty-bitty "watchmaker's", which costs a goddamm fortune (considering). So I begged the guy, You *know* I *gotta* have it, please please please please gimme a break.... He did. :) And I hadda buy this plier set! 4 sizes "channel locks", *2 sizes* each of slip joint (no big deal), linemans's (nice!), side cutters, long nose, both also nice. Since I got a multi-level shop (duplex??!!--wife's building a moat around the living room <g>), for $18, will actually come in handy. Chrome vanadium, fwiw, look good, haven't checked'em out. Cain't be too fussy, tho.
5. Oh, NWL: Black & Sage 6-in-1 yellow screwdriver. This genre is Da Bomb of screwdrivers. This one is very good overall quality, altho you can bend the flat heads in really stubborn shit. $2.99. bought 15. :) Need more! :(
Enjoy alladese toys whilst you still got homes, cuz China, if this stuff is any indication, is gonna have y'all dumpster-divin fer food, jack, in the not-too-distant future. I'm dumpster-divin already, but not yet fer food. But I'm sure I'm getting good practice.
So why so much duplicate shit?, you ax. Wife calls me, amongst many many other things, Mr. Multiple--altho not for the one thing that counts. :( I've long since done given up tryna be organized, so I just buy *so many* of one item, to put in *so many* different places, that I cain't *possibly* lose them. But of course guess what.... But, f'sure, I hunt less than I used to! :)
Miracle I don't misplace the Fadal. :)
Mr. P.V.'d (formerly Droll Troll), Yonkers, NY
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