Source for 10mm 303 Stainless Steel rod stock?

I'm looking for a source for 10mm 303 Stainless Steel Rod.
Anyone have a US or Canadian Supplier?
- Mike -
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Mike Haaland
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item no. 1274T19 1 meter 10mm 303 stainless rods $51.36 each, hope you got the budget .. - GWE
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Grant Erwin
Oouch, at that price it might be cheaper to order from the UK or europe.
Grant Erw> Mike Haaland wrote:
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David Billington
Try these people, I bought some stainless from them a few years ago and they were pretty reasonable. I don't know what alloys they have, you'll have to ask.
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Dunno if they'll ups it to you or not, bet if you buy enough they will.
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