source for large washers?

source for large washers?
Anyone know who sells 2.5 inch steel washers .125 - .188 inches thick with
a (nominal) 3/8's inch hole? They needn't be ground or anything fancy,
quality wise. Typical punched sheet stock is good. I'd like to buy 50 or
100 at a time.
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Hul Tytus
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That's a weird combo of size and thickness. Since you need more than a couple, find a shop that has a laser cutter. They can probably cut 100 of them in an hour from 1/8" steel. The unit cost should be in the $1-$2 range.
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Tim Killian
I have on my shelf 4 boxes, @50# ea., 2-1/8" OD, 1/2" hole, 1/8" thick. If you can use these at $0.50 a pound, we both win. Call me toll-free, 888-411-3265
They were used in a kit for mounting wire wheels on an arbor...coustomer is gone.
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