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I just got back from a week in Long Beach. I had some time to myself on the last day, so I looked at the local classifieds and went out and picked up a nice little 10 cfm air dryer for $160 and a nice little 1/8-1/2" bandsaw blade welder for $100. These prices are 20-30% of new, and the items were lightly used. To a guy like me from the Seattle area, this is unheard-of.

My conclusion is that the supply of machinery-related items in the LA area is so much greater that prices are cheaper there. I can't imagine why the sellers didn't put these items on ebay, but there are still some people who don't know how.

All in all, an interesting trip.


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Grant Erwin
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Ya should have called me and Id have given you directions to some of my secret sources in the LB area. was, as usual, a pleasure to see you again.


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