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A few weeks back there was a thread about springs. I don't remember all the details, but this showed up in my inbox and may be of help/interest to the group.

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like lots of verity and they offer both a print catalog, lots of online info, and 3-d cad downloads.

Looks like another company is trying direct distribution via the internet.

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Dude, you will have a new respect for effing springs when you need a bic click lookalike spring, and have to cough up $4.50 for *one*. No foolin when I tell you I pick up broken click pens off the street, and pocket the springs!

Lee Spring is a nice company, rahcheer in Brooklyn, NY, been there for ages and ages. They have die springs a bit cheaper than others (round wire), which I use all the time, altho not for dies.

A better selection of an incredible variety of springs (super fine camera-type springs, to monsters) can be found at Century Spring, also with an extensive printed catalog. For some reason, I've taken a real dislike to Century, and always try Lee first.

A great place for custom springs is Ajax Spring in Long Island, NY. Very reasonable for short runs. They made a very nice torsion weight-clamp type spring in SS, for barbells for me, except in a 3/4" diam. Inyone need iny??

MSC et al have a modest-but-nice selection of moderate sized springs, in 10 packs, for about 40c/spring, in the bic-click size.

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Let us not forget that McMaster Carr offeres custom springs also.


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